Tuesday, March 13, 2007

About Those Naughty Bits

I’m pretty sure that the Sex Workers’ Art Show has never been as funny as when it’s been tweaked by Shawn Macomber’s pen.

Money shot:

The question attendees were left to wrestle with alone, however, was whether simply plastering a look of exaggerated irony on one’s face while bouncing up and down to twirl shiny nipple tassels delineates empowerment. If one’s sole qualification for an alternative strip show is having a body type that mainstream America will not pay to see unclothed, are you rejecting objectification or merely marketing your niche to a niche audience.

Chances are even the sensitive boys in corduroys aren’t staring at your breasts to make a feminist political statement.

Now read the rest. Naughty bits, indeed…

For the record, I’ve never imagined that the life of a sex worker is empowering. I don’t see how either showing off your body or being paid for one of various forms of sex is empowering. At worst it’s a job that makes sexuality a cheap commodity. At best it’s just a job like, say, graphic design. Only much messier.


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