Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Unemployment

There have been some pretty drastic changes at work and, for the most part, they were things that I had predicted given the sales and market position that we’re facing at the end of the year. When I was hired, I was put into a position to support a VP of Marketing in an effort to increase sales and give the company more of a global reach. The end of the year came, goals weren’t met, and changes started coming.

Given the situation, I thought it was reasonable to think that I could soon be out of a job. No VP of Marketing could mean fewer products and, although everyone in the organization seemed happy with my work, less need for me. I thought that come the new year I would be facing my second layoff in as many calendar years, with both of them happening right after Christmas and New Years.

That didn’t happen.

In fact, something else entirely happened.

When the VP of Marketing stepped down, the news went out that the position wasn’t going to be filled. Instead, I was going to be given a promotion to Marketing Manager, taking over a good chunk of the VP’s duties (although without the responsibility of supervising the sales staff) while retaining most of my own job function.

I got a promotion, more headaches, and a shiny new office with a bigger desk.

So, hey, Merry Christmas to me.

In case you were wondering.


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