Sunday, November 27, 2005

Before Getting to Other (Arguably More Important) Stuff…

So I just got home. Sat down and turned on the TV to watch a football game. The game is going to commercial.

And they’re playing Screaming Trees’ “Nearly Lost You.”

It’s gonna be a good day.

Update: And, after diving into my email, I have a client who is asking me to increase my invoice by about 40% because they felt that I did far more work than I billed. They’re right, but I still try to live by the estimates that I give at the beginning of a project.

Not that I won’t turn my nose up at money when it’s earned.

Now I’m getting a little nervous about my good day, though.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Reason to Love the G-Phrase

I’m sure that if I were to take the time to make a comprehensive list, there would be thousands of reasons to love the g-phrase. Her good points are legion, her quirks cute, and her bad qualities--well, does she really have any bad qualities? Aside from bad taste in bloggers, that is?

Anyway, this isn’t about all or her good qualities, this is about one of her good qualities: she digs Screaming Trees.

When we were driving home from watching a particularly underwhelming laser light show thingy at Gates Planetarium at the museum here in Denver and listening to the Trees’ Dust, she was doing the cute little head bob with the cute little smile, singing along occasionally. When “Dying Days” came on, though, she really started getting into the song. Adorable, no?

Keep in mind that “Dying Days” is a freakin’ great song. It starts with an acoustic guitar and light keyboard while Lanegan sings quietly and suddenly Barrett Martin’s drums and the electric guitars kick in. If you pay attention, you’ll notice the almost soul-flavored keyboards swerving along in the background as the song keeps building in intensity and Lanegan attacks the vocals with passion.

Seriously good rock.

Not only does the g-phrase get into the song while we’re in the car, but she continues to sing snippets of the song randomly for a few hours.

Yeah, I’ll probably keep her.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Before Being Banished Back Into the World of Working Late Yet Again, Damnit…

I must bring your attention to three things:

1. Congratulations to McGehee. Three years of blogging is a tremendous accomplishment, and he’s remained one of my favorites since I discovered him.

2. Four freakin’ bunnies. That’s what Playboy.com is giving the upcoming Screaming Trees retrospective, Oceans of Confusion. Assuming I can find an outlet that’s carrying it here in Denver, I am only two days removed from hearing two unreleased Screaming Trees songs (along with, of course, having a sort of “best of” from the Trees’ three Epic releases). It doesn’t get any better than four bunnies, folks.

3. Val has been an unyielding force in writing about Castro’s government. As a resource for anyone who cares about freedom for Cubans, his Babalu Blog is an important resource. For the last few days, he has also been blogging from the Cuba Nostalgia convention. Just click and scroll for beautiful pictures, commentary, and thoughts from Val and a handful of his friends and supporters.


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