Monday, June 11, 2007

So, About Hell’s Kitchen

Is it just me, or does it seem like Chef Gordon Ramsey and the crew really seem to seed their candidates with a couple losers in hopes of making the show even more ridiculous than the average reality show? I mean, aside from the fact that Chef Ramsey is foul-mouthed and temperamental as a typical two year old, some of the contestants have definitely been imported from misfit island.

That’s neither good nor bad; it’s a logical next step in the continued coarsening of network TV and a way of arrogantly projecting a personality into our homes.

And, on the first night (the do-over of the season opener) showcased Ramsey bullying, harassing, and mocking a bunch of frightened, meek, and confused cooks hoping like hell to win the favor of the evil Chef Ramsey. If there is fun to be had it’s in watching the backstabbing, groveling, and crawling while Ramsey berates and brutalizes these people. It’s emotionally vicious, but given the grand prize of a quarter million dollar salary and a restaurant to run, the fervent competition isn’t surprising.

“Why am I watching?” you ask. Because I have a ton of work to do and I hate to work with silence in the background.

And, frankly it was funny to watch Aaron have a breakdown before the show had even started in earnest. Somewhere inside of me there must be a seriously mean person for me to enjoy the cruelty on display here…


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