Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bashing Bloggers?

I’m down with that.

Give your thoughts here and pass it on to all your loved ones. They probably want to bash some bloggers, too.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 21, 2010: Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash X (Because I Can’t Remember Where We Left Off Edition)

At 7 p.m. on May 21, 2010, at the Milwaukee St. Tavern, the Rocky Mountain Bloggers will be drinking booze, enjoying each other’s company, and solving the thorniest political problems with the amazing acuity that only booze can provide.

Entry is sticky for now. Watch below for other posts. Directions to the bar can be found here.

Who’s Coming to the Party?

Me. Because it isn’t much of a party without me, let’s be honest.
Jed. Whose blogging sprung a leak some time ago. We miss ya, Jed! And, anyway, he might not come. Because he has commitment issues.
Doug S. Who sometimes posts here. Sometimes posts other places. He’s sort of a blog hussy, really, and he has commitment issues, too.
Robert. He will be accompanied by his beautifully trimmed beard and a brace of anti-Zomby jokes. Because that’s how he rolls.
Darren. And, if we’re lucky, his lovely wife, both of whom bring a little needed class to the rest of us rabble.

Steve Green. Because he is both a better conversationalist than I am and happens to be a chick magnet. Which is important when you’re inviting a bunch of bloggers to go drinking.
Robin and his wife will be there to argue the relative merits of the various roller derby teams that come through Denver. And politics.
Walter. Even though he hasn’t said so explicitly, I have faith in him.
Mr. Lady will not be there. But she’ll be there in spirit. We’ll be there in spirits, but that’s an entirely different thing.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


May 21.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Levi Johnston v/ Steve “VodkaPundit” Green

I’m sure that Playgirl hit a mini-gold rush with Levi Johnston and his naughty bits (the curious can see them here), but if I played on that particular team, I’d still rather see the Steve “VodkaPundit” Green issue.

So, go tell Steve to get naked. But don’t do it on the John Murtha post.

That would be wrong.

None of which changes the fact that Saturday night drinks with Molly, Mr. Lady, Steve, Roger, Robert, Jed, Billlll, LOC, Robin and his lovely wife, Cheryl, Stephen, Mark, and whoever I’m forgetting because I’m getting old was just the thing this particular stressed marketing guy was really needing. Thanks to everyone for a great time.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Read Me, Seymour

Remember, Rocky Mountain Blogger Fest coming up on February 6.

Details here.

God knows I need a night of drinking.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lethal Drinking: Mashed Blogging

With the war between Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno--ably flamed on by Jimmy Kimmel (Seriously, did you see him on the Leno show tonight? The audience was getting uncomfortable by the end of that 10@10 piece.), and commented on by the wonderful Craig Ferguson--I have to admit to watching shows I wouldn’t normally watch. Normally, I’d avoid Leno’s crap prime time show, I’d skip right over Conan’s awkward humor, and I’d spend my time working. So, late night wars and NBC’s wholly inept handling of a bad situation have given me a little bit of a break from my usual rut.

Which is nice for me.

But it doesn’t change the fact that it grows harder and harder for me to enjoy Lethal Weapon as the years go by. Not just because Mel Gibson’s mullet is so outdated, but because Gibson is a boozy anti-Semite and Danny Glover is a dictator loving loon of Pat Robertson-esque proportions (the loon part, that is, not the dictator part).

Damnit, I used to love that movie.

Which brings me to the point. Drinking. Drinking is precisely the thing that helps us cope in times like these. In times where late night hosts are locked in cycles of anger and aggression, where Gibson can’t be trusted in polite company, and where Glover poops on pretty much everything that gave him a better life than I’ll ever know (at least in a material sense--whenever he opens his mouth, I feel significantly blessed on the intellectual side of things).

What was I saying?

Oh, yes, drinking.

In the Rockies? Blogger or blogging groupie or unreformed alcoholic? Or any combination of the above (which are beside and not actually above, but that’s beside the point). Well, good, because the Bill with too many LLLLL’s is calling out to all of us to come drink at the Rocky Mountain Blogger Fest.

Check it out here to, RSVP, and vote for a date. I’m planning to be there whatever date is chosen and I’m looking forward to drinking the memory of my own mullet into the trash bin of history. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Drink to Your Health? Protest, Anti-Protest, and Mini-Bash on Friday

Robert Hayes points to something that might interest all of us.

Join OFA [Organization for America] as we show how many support health insurance reform! The OFA national bus tour is stopping in key states to rally supporters in support of President Obama’s efforts to reform health insurance. NOW is the time to have our voices heard.

Time: Friday, August 28 from 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Host: Gabriel Lifton-Zoline
Tivoli Commons, Auraria Campus (Denver, CO)
900 Auraria Parkway
Denver, CO 80217

For some of y’all, you might want to show up and show your support. Me, I’d like to show up and remind folks that there are a lot of us who don’t like their ideas. Either way, it sounds like a good place and time for a little friendly shouting.

And, after, we can raise a beer to each other’s health at a near-by bar. If the Boiler Room at the Tivoli hadn’t closed, it would be the perfect place (at least, I think it’s closed--if anyone knows better, I’d be happy to hear). The default position, of course, would be Weinkoop, but I’m open to suggestion.

Let me know what y’all think, and spread the word.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tattooed Colorado Blogger Bash?

Jed pointed out an event here in Denver that will definitely be drawing me out of my home--the Denver Tattoo Convention.

Any other Denver-area bloggers (or bloggers who will be here in town for the event) that would like to combine that with a night of drinking and mayhem? Let me know (and pass it on).

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weather Related Question

It’s cold. It’s snowy. It’s a freakin’ winter wonderland here in the big CO. I think that all of us in Colorado are asking the same question today: shouldn’t someone be warming my globes right about now?

Just sayin’…

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Thank You…

...Blogger Bashers.

It was a fun night and I enjoyed actually getting to sit and talk with most of the folks that I wanted to. It would have been everyone, but a few folks bailed on us early-ish and others left while I was in the bathroom. I’m relatively sure that they seized the opportunity to escape me.

Anyway, I’ll have a few more words on the Bash later and maybe even a picture or two.

Thanks again for everyone who came.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Blogging Will Resume In…

...Just a few days.

I don’t want to bump the RMBB post too far from the top, so I’m going to hold off serious posting until after the bash has passed. We’re not going for huge numbers this time (although, feel free to pass the links around and encourage some new faces to join us), but I want to make sure that all the fine folks who I’ll be drinking with get themselves some quality time at the top of my blog.

In the meantime, I will merely get angrier as I get emails from Campaign for America’s Future and (We Refuse to) MoveOn.org telling me that not only is it vital to pass that abomination of a stimulus package that our fine Senators are brawling over, but that it is probably a bill that doesn’t go far enough and doesn’t spend enough of the taxpayers’ future earnings to really accomplish “progressive” goals.

Which is pretty much all I need to know about those folks.

I’m not particularly old (although I’m not that particularly young, either), but I remember when nearly $900 billion was about the entire budget of our Federal government. The idea that, in the wake of all of the debt piled on by other supposed stimulus plans of questionable result, we should pile on hundreds of billions of dollars of more debt to fund an even more shaky “stimulus” effort.

The reason that the public has turned against the package is not because the GOP is saying mean things but because there is both a reasonable worry about the wisdom of adding that much new debt in an effort that many people don’t believe will have the desired result, and because the entire exercise seems to violate Obama’s promise of change. This bit of pork looks and tastes just like every other big, questionable bill that has passed through DC in the past--and that’s not even adjusting for party and ideological affiliation.

Obama’s promise to reach across the aisle might be coming true, though. The bill is looking unpopular enough that it simply must be creating impressive bipartisan resistance.

So, yeah, I’m not going to talk about things like that until after the party.

Blogger Bash MMIX.1: The Getting Back to Our Roots Edition (Bouncy but Not Sticky)

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash MMIX.1
Saturday, February 7, 2009
7 p.m. to Close
Upstairs at the Wynkoop

Once upon a time, a Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash meant a drunken night at the Wynkoop. Which isn’t really all that different from drunken nights at other Denver bars, but for our purposes we’ll sort of pretend that the Wynkoop has some magical properties that make it special in a sort of “walking down memory lane” kind of way.

Which is why the latest party is going to take us back to our drunken blogging roots. That and the fact that there won’t be free booze or food this time around because who the hell wants to sponsor a bunch of drunken bloggers in this economy?

Let me know if you’ll be able to make it and I’ll update the list that doesn’t yet exist. Thanks to Steve Green for making me get off my butt and schedule a bash.

Who’s Coming?
And do check out the attendees. There might be a few surprises in the bunch...

Steve Green
Because what is a party without our own, personal blogging James Bond-type figure?

Because he misses me. I’m pretty sure.

Matt and Beth
Which is good because somebody has to drive me home when I get all schnockered.

Off Colfax
Because he continues to believe that there might be a second unattended tray of shots in his future. Fear and hope, my friends.

Robin R.
And, hopefully, his wonderful wife, too.

Because we might need secret government intervention (and, conceivably, a bail-out if the bill gets too high.

Darren Copeland
Who has now, officially, had more weddings than I’ve had. Which is a pretty low number, I admit, but there’s something funny about it to me. So there.

Mr. Lady
Not that she’ll actually be there, but I promised that our Colorado Blogger At Large would always get listed on these things.

He might be there, although, frankly, the RMBB will always be a distant second to the Ukulele. Which just goes to prove that he doesn’t drink nearly enough.

Erika Napoletano
She’ll be The Redhead. Who is really careful with her words.

Charles and a Friend of Some Sort
Who is really kind of promiscuous in a blogging sort of sense. Charlie. Not the Friend of Some Sort. At least as far as I know.

Beware: his intentions are strictly dishonorable.

Bobert Hayes
Just don’t tell him that you noticed the secret man-crush he has on me.

And we all appreciate his willingness to sacrifice his liver for us. Kudos!

Well, maybe. We hope. We want to hear how the wrestling tournament went.

Walter (and, if we’re really lucky, Mrs. In Denver
I have a feeling that the Libertarian will mostly be going around and telling people, “I told you so.”

Who seems to have recovered from his earlier damage--and yet still spells his name with an incredible excess of ells.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Go Forth and RSVP

Go now and RSVP for RMBB 5K: The Donkeys Over Denver Edition.

The site is nowhere near complete, but it’s usable. Please be sure to use a real email address when leaving your RSVP--we have a little something to send out to everyone who let’s us know that they’re coming. And do RSVP because we need a good count for our hosts.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Blogger Bash 5000: The Donkeys Over Denver Edition

With the kind sponsorship of Lijit and with the hard work of Mr. Lady, the DNC edition of the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash can finally be announced. Thank God.

August 28, 2008
Trios Enoteca
1730 Wynkoop·Denver, CO 80202
7:30 PM to Close

Free Food and Free Beer & Wine
(In limited supplies and only if we like you.)

I’ll be setting up a new site to support this event as well as updating this post with the links of everyone who RSVPs, so be sure to leave a note to let us know that you’re coming. The new site will go live Wednesday evening.

While Lijit has been extremely generous, we are still looking for a few more companies to sponsor food and booze. Email me for information if you’re interested.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash: Donkeys Over Denver is Homeless Edition

So, yeah, the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash: Donkeys Over Denver Edition is homeless. Our contact at ViewMyLife.com no longer works with the company and I haven’t been able to get in touch with anyone over there. I confirmed that they did not reserve space at the location that we discussed which leaves us in a bit of a scramble.

So, while I would still like to hold the event on Thursday evening after the DNC has closed out, we need to find a place that will accommodate us for a reasonable fee. The Corner Office was nice, but the lowest they could go was $4,000 plus tax for the space that we held last time. Which, while I love you guys, I’m not willing or able to pony up for. They have been kind and are putting our information out to a series of venues downtown to see if anyone can still work with our budget, time, and needs.

Damnit. Not good news…

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Little Sentences

Do you ever read things that strike you as particularly well written? Well, this, from Sean Stewart’s Perfect Circle did that for me.

I’m considered a bit peculiar in the family, but not as peculiar as my Aunt Dot, who--though still a Baptist--believes that in a past life she was the queen of the planet Saturn. (Aunt Dot got into past-life regressions as a weight-loss therapy, and since discovering that she died of famine in eighth-century Ethiopia, she’s lost forty-eight pounds. And kept it off.)

None of which explains why I haven’t said anything about the upcoming blogger bash (Donkeys Over Denver). Sorry about that, but I got distracted by some bits and bobs that floated through my world…

We’ll talk more on Monday.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Blogger Bash 7.5 is Gone (But Blogger Bash 8.0 is Coming Soon)

Thanks to everyone who came out for the mini-Bash; it was a great time to celebrate the wonders of alcohol.

Thanks as well to Liz and the folks at ViewMyLife.com who made me look like a cheapskate. It’s been a while since anyone bought me dinner and that many drinks without expecting a little something extra at the end of the night, if you know what I mean. I realize that buying us drinks isn’t an act of charity, but it was still good of them to arrange the venue, buy us food, buy us drinks, and then spend quality time with us talking politics, business, and the technical realities of launching something as complex as ViewMyLife.com.

They will also be hosting the next bash (Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 8.0: The Donkeys in Denver Edition, scheduled to take place on August 28th, 2008--the last night of the Democratic National Convention), and I’ll be working with Liz to cover the details of the event. In fact, this one was a bit of a trial run for the main event--a party that promises visitors from out of state, more booze than you could possibly need, a killer venue, and a few surprises.

I know that Denver during the convention is a little scary, but this will be a party you don’t want to miss.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 7.5: The Even More Official Post Than Last Time

The Corner Office at the Curtis Hotel
7 June 2007, 6:30 PM

More details will follow (with the potential for some pretty fun stuff thrown into the mix).

You can RSVP on this post if you have an aversion to Flash based sites or giving your information to a third party to help us coordinate the events (and no one will think less of you). However...

The site that will keep track of this and the big event at the end of the DNC will also be a fun tool for keeping Rocky Mountain Bloggers in touch with each other. We’ll use it to send invitations, updates, and news, make more announcements, and generally bug each other about things like when we think Andy will return to blogging. (Just kidding, Andy.) A number of people have requested that we send out email notifications when the Bashes are coming up--our group on ViewMyLife.com will allow us to take that step, and I think it will really raise the level of our inebriation professionalism.

No pressure, though. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, complaints, and requests here--and I’ll keep track of the most important bits both here and on ViewMyLife.com.

For those wanting to take part, here are the instructions:

Steps to becoming a better person:

  1. Sign-up on ViewMyLife.com. (Free and easy. Which works well for me.)
  2. From the drop-down menu in the upper left corner (the blue, circle, logo thing), choose Groups.
  3. Search for Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash and request to join the group. I’ll be approving people for now, although both Shannon and Andy will be taking administrative rolls as well.
  4. Update your contact information in ViewMyLife, so we can more easily bug you when the next Bash is coming up.

One of the reasons we chose to work with the ViewMyLife.com folks when they approached Andy was that they were a Colorado company and we like to support home-town geeks. The other reason was quite simply that they seemed like good people--and they’re devoted to the idea of giving back to the community. In the next few days I’ll be posting information about their charitable work. You’ll want to pay attention in particular if you’re personally involved with a charity.

Lastly--and before we start in on the linkfest of RSVPs--please help us spread the word. We would like to bring a lot of new faces around this time and I know that many of you are far nicer, more charismatic, and better known than I am. Which means you have a better chance of bringing in some new folks to buy me shots.

And you know how much I appreciate the shots.

Andy will be there. Because he misses blogging. I can tell.
Wheels will be there. I think. Not sure. Could happen.
Mr. Lady won’t be there, but she deserves a link because she’s doing the lion’s share of the work on these upcoming blogger bashes.
Doug S. might be there. If we offer him enough cash.
Jed will be there. And I plan to buy him a few drinks. Which is nice of me.
Billlllllll willllll be there. And he’ll probably (rightly) harass me for failing to put his blog on my blogroll. I should fix that problem.
Off Colfax will be there. Mostly because he secretly wants to be part of the secret cabal that makes up the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Sick puppy, that.
Darren will be there. Although I could be wrong.
Liz will be there. She’ll be there with other representatives from ViewMyLife.
Bob’ll be there if he can convince his wife that the rest of us are harmless. Which we are. No. Really.

Have I missed anyone yet? Let me know and I’ll get you in the mix.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Blogger Bash 7.5 (and a Teaser About 8.0)

Okay, all, Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 7.5 will be taking place on June 7. ViewMyLife.com, a local, up-and-coming business contacted us and wanted to help sponsor both this event and our DNC event, which will be taking place on either August 28th or 29th.

The folks from ViewMyLife.com are being very generous with their time and their sponsorship of the event and we look forward to introducing a bunch of bloggers--you wildly influential folks, you--to their site. We’re going to be setting something up with them to act as a kind of official page for information and updates for these upcoming events and all of that, along with more details about the event, will start rolling out in the next few days.

While we work on the details for 7.5, we’ll also be working out the details for 8.0 so that our out of town guests can start making their plans. Graphics, e-cards, and more will be rolling out, too, so that you can help us promote the event.

Full disclosure: while ViewMyLife.com will be sponsoring the event and helping to promote it, neither Andy nor I are being paid for our time or efforts. This is a situation where we decided that a good, young, local company could help us make a better event for all of our attendees and where we hope that we can help them to grow their business. To fulfill our side of that bargain, we need have a great event--and I’m hoping that all of you, whether you plan to attend or not, will help us spread the word. We’d like to reach beyond our normal crew to bring in bloggers and readers from a wide variety of sites. We want everyone to know that they are welcome to join in the fun.

This is a pretty exciting development and we’re coming up with some creative ideas to help attendees not only enjoy a night out drinking, but to help you all gain a little new readership, too.

You can start the RSVPs now or wait until we set up the official site, but I would love to have feedback from everyone who plans to attend either or both events.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blogger Bash Stuff Upcoming

Or, as Andy says, “You Will Be Hearing of Drinks and Rumors of Drunks.”

Big news. Big bash. But the form of all that bigness is just starting to take shape.

Seriously, though. Big. Big-gantuan, in fact.


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