Sunday, February 08, 2009

Shouldn’t be News and Shouldn’t be an Incident

It’s only three sentences, so I need to quote the whole thing, but this is from the Denver Post:

Colorado Springs airport officials say security screeners spotted a spent military round in a passenger’s carryon luggage, but there were no explosives in it.

Airport spokeswoman Kelly Jackson says the passenger told authorities it was a souvenir and didn’t object to discarding it.

The incident occurred Thursday.

So, airport security asked the man to discard a “spent military round"--a chunk of brass with no value as a weapon, with no powder, and no more dangerous than, say, a roll of pennies--for no good reason, and the newspaper reports the “incident” because…

Actually, I don’t know why they reported this non-incident unless their intent was to show how stupid airport security can be. In which case it’s just a poorly written article.

Some days it feels like our country becomes, collectively, dumber by the day.

Thank You…

...Blogger Bashers.

It was a fun night and I enjoyed actually getting to sit and talk with most of the folks that I wanted to. It would have been everyone, but a few folks bailed on us early-ish and others left while I was in the bathroom. I’m relatively sure that they seized the opportunity to escape me.

Anyway, I’ll have a few more words on the Bash later and maybe even a picture or two.

Thanks again for everyone who came.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Blogging Will Resume In…

...Just a few days.

I don’t want to bump the RMBB post too far from the top, so I’m going to hold off serious posting until after the bash has passed. We’re not going for huge numbers this time (although, feel free to pass the links around and encourage some new faces to join us), but I want to make sure that all the fine folks who I’ll be drinking with get themselves some quality time at the top of my blog.

In the meantime, I will merely get angrier as I get emails from Campaign for America’s Future and (We Refuse to) MoveOn.org telling me that not only is it vital to pass that abomination of a stimulus package that our fine Senators are brawling over, but that it is probably a bill that doesn’t go far enough and doesn’t spend enough of the taxpayers’ future earnings to really accomplish “progressive” goals.

Which is pretty much all I need to know about those folks.

I’m not particularly old (although I’m not that particularly young, either), but I remember when nearly $900 billion was about the entire budget of our Federal government. The idea that, in the wake of all of the debt piled on by other supposed stimulus plans of questionable result, we should pile on hundreds of billions of dollars of more debt to fund an even more shaky “stimulus” effort.

The reason that the public has turned against the package is not because the GOP is saying mean things but because there is both a reasonable worry about the wisdom of adding that much new debt in an effort that many people don’t believe will have the desired result, and because the entire exercise seems to violate Obama’s promise of change. This bit of pork looks and tastes just like every other big, questionable bill that has passed through DC in the past--and that’s not even adjusting for party and ideological affiliation.

Obama’s promise to reach across the aisle might be coming true, though. The bill is looking unpopular enough that it simply must be creating impressive bipartisan resistance.

So, yeah, I’m not going to talk about things like that until after the party.

Blogger Bash MMIX.1: The Getting Back to Our Roots Edition (Bouncy but Not Sticky)

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash MMIX.1
Saturday, February 7, 2009
7 p.m. to Close
Upstairs at the Wynkoop

Once upon a time, a Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash meant a drunken night at the Wynkoop. Which isn’t really all that different from drunken nights at other Denver bars, but for our purposes we’ll sort of pretend that the Wynkoop has some magical properties that make it special in a sort of “walking down memory lane” kind of way.

Which is why the latest party is going to take us back to our drunken blogging roots. That and the fact that there won’t be free booze or food this time around because who the hell wants to sponsor a bunch of drunken bloggers in this economy?

Let me know if you’ll be able to make it and I’ll update the list that doesn’t yet exist. Thanks to Steve Green for making me get off my butt and schedule a bash.

Who’s Coming?
And do check out the attendees. There might be a few surprises in the bunch...

Steve Green
Because what is a party without our own, personal blogging James Bond-type figure?

Because he misses me. I’m pretty sure.

Matt and Beth
Which is good because somebody has to drive me home when I get all schnockered.

Off Colfax
Because he continues to believe that there might be a second unattended tray of shots in his future. Fear and hope, my friends.

Robin R.
And, hopefully, his wonderful wife, too.

Because we might need secret government intervention (and, conceivably, a bail-out if the bill gets too high.

Darren Copeland
Who has now, officially, had more weddings than I’ve had. Which is a pretty low number, I admit, but there’s something funny about it to me. So there.

Mr. Lady
Not that she’ll actually be there, but I promised that our Colorado Blogger At Large would always get listed on these things.

He might be there, although, frankly, the RMBB will always be a distant second to the Ukulele. Which just goes to prove that he doesn’t drink nearly enough.

Erika Napoletano
She’ll be The Redhead. Who is really careful with her words.

Charles and a Friend of Some Sort
Who is really kind of promiscuous in a blogging sort of sense. Charlie. Not the Friend of Some Sort. At least as far as I know.

Beware: his intentions are strictly dishonorable.

Bobert Hayes
Just don’t tell him that you noticed the secret man-crush he has on me.

And we all appreciate his willingness to sacrifice his liver for us. Kudos!

Well, maybe. We hope. We want to hear how the wrestling tournament went.

Walter (and, if we’re really lucky, Mrs. In Denver
I have a feeling that the Libertarian will mostly be going around and telling people, “I told you so.”

Who seems to have recovered from his earlier damage--and yet still spells his name with an incredible excess of ells.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I Find Myself Wondering…

Perhaps they were counting on global warming for their snow removal needs.

Which, it seems to me, is just bad decision making. 

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Short Super Bowl Commercial Reviews

The Dorito’s “Crystal Ball” commercial was week. Undoubtedly cool on paper, it was too obvious, too obnoxious, and poorly presented.

That was a waste of a few million bucks.

Update: Bud Light and Conan O’Brien was mildly cute, though. Which is probably the nicest thing I’ve ever had to say about anything involving O’Brien.

Does anyone else get the feeling that the Steelers are going to spend the day bullying the Cards in brutal fashion? I’d love to see Warner walk away with the win, but I just don’t think that Arizona has the talent to win this one.

Update: Bridgestone Mr & Mrs. Potato(e) Head ad was really cute. And I was glad to see her lips fall down the mountain, too. On the other hand, the Castrol Edge King of the Monkeys ad fell flat to me. Not as bad as the new The Fast and the Furious movie, but pretty horrible.

The second Doritos ad--I shall call it “Wish Fulfillment"--was pretty weak, too, although it’s badness was overshadowed by yet another idiotic GoDaddy.com spot. I’m not a stickler for good taste, but the GoDaddy ads are so ridiculously juvenile and obvious in intent. Wish they’d spend some of that ad money on trying to fix their dismal user interface.

Just sayin’.

Update: Cars.com David Abernathy ad had a strong Wes Anderson vibe. I’m torn--it got my attention, which is good, but it had almost no payoff in the end, which is bad. Dunno.

Update: Hate the eTrade babies. Hate hate hate. Which is okay because I liked (liked liked liked) the Bud Light sketching guy ad. Because I’m a sucker for humor involving potentially major injuries. And for Chester Cheetah--I used to do a killer impression of the mutant love child of Chester Cheetah and Freddy Krueger.

For some reason.

Update: Okay, I have to send a special love note to the Heroes v/ NFL greats ad--having Elway fly in like Superman was an inspired touch.

And, yes, I’m ridiculously biased on the subject.

Update: Okay, I really like both the Priceline Negotiator ad with Shatner coaching a husband on how to convince his wife that they can afford a vacation. Shatner’s continued willingness to laugh at himself has made him one of the most likable (and, yes, cheesy) stars in Hollywood. I also liked the 1st Bank identity protection ad--funny, effective, creative, and timely.

Last Update (Probably): And now I’m bored by both the game and the ads. I’m moving on to a baked potato swimming in tasty chicken chipotle chili. Yum!


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