Monday, September 01, 2008

So That’s What Desperation Looks Like

I was just watching MSNBC and not paying too terrifically much attention. But it caught my ear when the talking head on duty started talking about questions concerning Sarah Palin’s past--and in the list of questions that, apparently, the media still needs to explore Todd Palin’s arrest for a DUI some two decades ago. When he wasn’t even married to the woman.

That’s news? That’s an attack on Palin’s readiness for the post of Vice President?


There are things that could still come out about Palin, I’m sure, that will be legitimate in the sense that they may dissuade voters from showing up to pull the McCain-Palin lever in a few months, but this isn’t it. But go ahead and hammer on the meaningless trivia, because the truth is that it only helps the GOP by showing the level of (or, really, lack of) seriousness of the people reporting on this “scandal.”

The truth is, few on the left believed that McCain would choose a woman and certainly didn’t expect Palin. The troops were caught flat-footed by an attack and they are lashing out at any possible bit of dirt (or manufacturing that dirt as needed) to try to take a little shine off of the McCain-Palin ticket. It’s understandable (and, in some cases, despicable--especially from a man who has trumpeted the virtue of privacy previously), but likely fruitless.

Palin is an open book on her policy beliefs, though, and that should give the left enough talking points to engage their constituents. I hope that much of the din will die down in a week or so and the talk will turn to policies instead of unplanned pregnancies--and if people follow the example of hilzoy, that’s precisely what will happen.

While we wait for the furor to die down, we could even rejoice and consider the deeper meaning of other things happening in our world. More important things, perhaps.


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