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Episode IV.V If, in spite of Revenge of the Sith, you haven’t gotten enough of Star Wars then check out Star Wars Episode IV.V, The Unknown Discoverm from 21 Productions. You won’t, ummm, be disappointed kids. (I think.) Remy Logan 05/26/05 6 05/22/06
Sith Sense Totally awesome, dude. It’s true, there is no resisting the dark side. Darth proved he da man when from out of nowhere he guessed sunglasses. I probably should have thought of something like underwear. (h/t Ace of Spades) Remy Logan 05/25/05 3 12/25/05
You know who your friends are So, I’m in my office and feel the call of nature (number 1 if you must know). I walk down the stairs, past 1/3 of all the employees who work in our company, into the bathroom and close the door. I reach down to unzip my fly, and instead of… Remy Logan 05/25/05 0
M bleeding heart Saddam’s daughter mad over pics A daughter of Iraq’s ex-dictator Saddam Hussein was “outraged” by the published pictures of her jailed father dressed only in underwear, an aide said on Monday. “She was shocked and outraged because of the pictures,” which appeared in a British newspaper, the aide of Raghad… Remy Logan 05/24/05 2 05/25/05
Geography Test From lost thoughts: Place The State. (Warning, don’t attempt this if you’re geographically challenged and don’t have a map handy). BTW, I got 46 out of 50 for 92%, with 14 miles avgerage error in 427 seconds. (I never realized CT was where it is, which really screwed up my… Remy Logan 05/22/05 0
Jet Li, call your office Remy Logan 05/21/05 0
Vietnam and the Liberals Richard Cohen has an article in the Washington Post in which he comments on why reporters and journalists are still inflicted with “Vietnam syndrome.” By Tuesday the critical blogs had been joined by the Wall Street Journal. It opined that the error stemmed from the press’s—and Newsweek’s—basic “mistrust of the… Remy Logan 05/20/05 0
Known knowns there are "Known knowns there are. Things we know that we know these are...” Check out dorkafork’s “The Photoshop Menace” and make sense it will. Remy Logan 05/20/05 2 05/20/05
Evil America According to Reuters a lake in Russia disappeared overnight. A Russian village was left baffled Thursday after its lake disappeared overnight. NTV television showed pictures of a giant muddy hole bathed in summer sun, while fishermen from the village of Bolotnikovo looked on disconsolately. “It is very dangerous. If a… Remy Logan 05/19/05 4 05/22/05
Norwegians just want to have fun Dog Snot found a great video of Norwegian soldiers in Kosovo, dancing to Kokomo. Ya’ gotta see it. And, just why are Norwegian soldiers are singing in English? Karl Rove must be behind this. Remy Logan 05/19/05 4 05/23/05
Oops The boss’s wife told me that she’d given her password out to a temp today. I yelled at her (not yelling and screaming, just a stern voice). As the “conversation” progressed I brought up past violations of security policy by other family members. She came back with “Well, you don’t… Remy Logan 05/19/05 4 05/23/05
Don’t Do It! Trust me, do not click on over to The Drudge Report right now. You will regret it. You will probably go blind. Just in case you’re wondering, Drudge definitively answers the question “Boxers or Briefs?”—for Sadaam Hussein. Yuck. Ick. Now I have to go get my brain scrubbed. Remy Logan 05/19/05 2 05/22/05
Hmmm Seen on the back of a company truck for a masonry company: First we spread ‘em ... Then we lay ‘em Remy Logan 05/19/05 3 05/20/05
Team America: F*ck Yeah! You probably already know about the remarks made by PepsiCo president Indra Nooyi at the Columbia Business School where she compared the U.S. of A. to the middle finger and pretty much accused us all of flipping the bird to the whole freaking world [in depth coverage at Powerline]. I… Remy Logan 05/18/05 7 05/19/05
Wireless Desktop Faceoff Remy Logan 05/18/05 4 05/19/05
Why it doesn’t matter if PS3 is better than XBOX 360 If you don’t have any games to play it really doesn’t matter which platform you use: Strike possible as game makers, actors tussle Contract talks between a coalition of publishers and the two main talent unions, the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, broke… Remy Logan 05/17/05 5 05/17/05
Like crack cocaine to a two-bit whore To anyone tired of seeing Democrat politicians getting away with the amount of corruption that seems to run rampant in in their party this will be good news: Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s office has received subpoenas from a grand jury investigating allegations that his chief fundraiser traded jobs for campaign contributions,… Remy Logan 05/16/05 1 05/22/05
Letter to some in the Muslim world… What Newsweek did with its lie about flushing the Koran down the toilet is called “Democracy”. Yeah, it was a lie, but here in America we’re used to it. As a matter of fact the press over here prints all sorts of stuff that they make up. Even the TV… Remy Logan 05/16/05 4 05/22/05
Things you don’t need to know Donny Osmond’s Celebrity Playlist over at iTunes: Magic Carpet Ride, Steppenwolf: “Takes me back to my alter-ego days. The one that could never come out. : )” Ain’t Nobody, Rufus & Chaka Khan: “Nobody sings lady-funk like Chaka!” Fight the Power, The Isley Brothers: “I had a 007 bedroom that… Remy Logan 05/14/05 4 05/16/05
The Final Journey Home Broken Masterpieces has a report on the Patriot Detail. I hope the day soon comes when scenes like this are no longer necessary. Thanks to all who serve or have served to protect our freedom, and to bring that freedom to others. Thanks to their families also. Remy Logan 05/14/05 0
A Public Service Announcement To the dude at the gym who runs around the locker room shaking his ass and wearing nothing but a thong: We really don’t want a piece of your shaking orbs of jello. Honest. Put some clothes on already. That is all. Remy Logan 05/13/05 0
Why isn’t the ACLU doing anything about this? Remy Logan 05/13/05 4 05/13/05
The truth about Mideast oil The truth about Mideast oil...we don’t need it. From Ahmed Amr at Axis of Logic (excerpts pulled from a very long article): Yet, a review of the Department of Energy’s own figures for 2004 reveals that the United States imports more oil from Canada than from Saudi Arabia. Mexico is… Remy Logan 05/12/05 2 05/13/05
Smackdown at Arianna’s Place Richard Bradley seems to be one of the few Huffers who gets it: Regarding congresswoman Slaughter’s post, “Why We Need a Modern-Day Truman Commission,” or whatever it’s called.... Snooze. Please—to all the various elected officials on this site—don’t think of this as a dumping-ground for all your staff-written editorials and… Remy Logan 05/12/05 0
1972 Munich Massacre Movie The United States officially begun fighting terrorism in 2001. For the Israelis, their battle began 30 years before that. Steven Spielberg is going to make a movie about the start of the Israeli’s battle with terrorists. US director Steven Spielberg is to begin shooting a movie on the massacre of… Remy Logan 05/12/05 9 05/13/05
Wit & Wisdmon at Arianna’s Place From Paul Krassner, quoting Kurt Vonnegut, at the Huffington Post: Dearest Iraq: Act like me. After 100 years of democracy, let your slaves go. After 150, let your women vote. At the start of democracy, ethnic cleansing is quite OK. Love you madly! Uncle Sam Those people are sooooo funny.… Remy Logan 05/12/05 3 05/12/05
Why do journalists think they’re smarter than everybody else? Stupid Nobel Prize Winners. Aaron at Say Anything has a great piece from the LA Times about how even Nobel Prize winners are too stupid to figure out how to invest their money for retirement. The obvious point of the story is: In the LA Times view, you should immediately… Remy Logan 05/11/05 3 05/12/05
The Carter Family I actually like PBS and don’t have a lot of problems with a few of my tax dollars going their way (did I mention I am not a Libertarian?). I despise PBS politics and their kiddie shows, but there is a lot they have that I like. The latest being… Remy Logan 05/11/05 2 05/12/05
Darn Global Warming Damn the evil Ann Althouse. While she is starting her “first real day of summer” I’m shivering in 47 degree weather. (Remember when the school-year-summer started at the end of May, not the beginning?) The snow level in the Wasatch mountains has dropped a thousand feet, and I’ve got the… Remy Logan 05/11/05 2 05/11/05
Leaky Baby Boomer Crack Report Remy Logan 05/04/05 0
Sometimes… Remy Logan 05/03/05 1 05/04/05
The Fly Remy Logan 05/02/05 6 05/03/05
Is a hoax a crime? When Jennifer Wilbanks, 32, fled her impending marriage, she took the cowards’ way out and blamed her disapperance on being kidnapped. Her efforts caused police in 3 states to waste manhours and money on searching for the perpetrators. In Georgia volunteers went out in search of her. Her husband-to-be became… Remy Logan 05/01/05 15 05/02/05
Grafiti Here is some grafiti that I’m sure the liberals will work long and hard to bring a stop to. You might notice that no government or NEA grants were involved. Neither were there any commissions, committees, NGOs, or UN delegates required for the production of this grafiti. When will this… Remy Logan 05/01/05 5 05/02/05
Confessions of a computer geek Remy Logan 04/30/05 5 05/01/05
Firefox is “Special” Remy Logan 04/24/05 7 04/27/05
Cocoon William Raspberry: As a friend remarked recently, time was when if you found it in the New York Times, that settled the bar bet and the other guy paid off. But if the Times and The Post or any other mainstream news outlet—including the major networks—come to be seen as… Remy Logan 04/19/05 4 04/20/05
Divorce, American Style The New York Times has an interesting story about the marriage vs. divorce rates. It’s not as bad as we’ve been told. According to the report, for people born in 1955 or later, “the proportion ever divorced had actually declined,” compared with those among people born earlier. And, compared with… Remy Logan 04/19/05 6 04/07/09
Hot Personally, I like the Ann Coulter Time magazine cover photo. Go through the slideshow, Ann has always been hot. Of course I’ve always been a leg man. When I see a girl in French bikini—I’d better go now, before I get in trouble. You gotta admit it though, Ann’s hot! Remy Logan 04/19/05 6 04/20/05
Bleat You Lileks: Paged through a collection of old corporate correspondence, valued for the quality of the letterhead or the sentimental attachment one might have to the company. They’re always banal: a letter from a branch manager informing a consignee that the regional sub-commander of the northern district of the eastern division… Remy Logan 04/19/05 0
Doolittle Raid Yesterday marked the 64rd anniversary of Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo. The Washington Times has an excellent write-up of the Doolittle Raid. It was never part of the plan for the bombers to return to the fleet. While they could take off from a carrier’s deck, it was much too short… Remy Logan 04/19/05 1 04/19/05
Black Smoke, No Pope Remy Logan 04/19/05 0
How can you criticize John Kerry? Laurie Byrd was asked what her qualifications were to be able to criticize John Kerry: I believe that the John Kerry model represents a very small minority of those in the military. The majority are not taking home movies of themselves to be used in future job applications. It is… Remy Logan 04/18/05 1 04/19/05
Wireless Internet access for us poor people Instapundit has an update on Verizon EVDO broadband access that ain’t. I’ve been using a similar service from T-Mobile. It is a wireless card that lets you access the Internet from wherever T-Mobile has cellular service. It works at 56k speed, and is usually reliable. And it’s half the cost… Remy Logan 04/18/05 1 04/19/05
Pattern Recognition Instapundit linked over to this bit at Powerline about the latest Bolton kerfuffle. So, I’m assuming you’ve read it already (I’ll recap below for the 3 or 4 of you who haven’t seen it yet). Here’s my 2 cents worth: When the Left and the media forsake their mantras of… Remy Logan 04/18/05 0
The whining liberals at National Review The libertarian leaning conservatives over at National Review always seem to find some kind of law they want passed whenever they get offended. Now, because of this tragedy, Jonah Goldberg’s typical kneejerk reaction is that school busses should have seatbelts. Of course, Jonah ignores the facts: # Safety Statistics. Last… Remy Logan 04/18/05 6 04/20/05
Press Freedom in the UK The next time some international organization decries the lack of press freedom in the U.S., maybe we can point them to this—Telegraph wins right to appeal in Galloway ruling: The Telegraph won permission yesterday to appeal against a High Court ruling in December that George Galloway, the former Labour MP,… Remy Logan 04/18/05 1 04/19/05
Depressed Germans "How will someone ever get better,” Burghard Klopp, a depression expert at Berlin’s Charité hospital, told German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, “when they know their boss is just waiting to fire them?” Let’s see… you could get a new job that is in keeping with your abilities; go to school and… Remy Logan 04/18/05 1 04/18/05
Tom Snyder Has Leukemia Four years ago they stuck a defibrillator/pacemaker in my chest because my heart disease was treatable! A year and a half ago a nearly torn tendon in my left leg was diagnosed as treatable. Then I came down with atrial fibrillation, but was told not to worry about that because… Remy Logan 04/17/05 0
Losers Remy Logan 04/17/05 4 04/18/05
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