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Jo’s Derby Picks Well, here are my picks for the Kentucky Derby, with a little info. Feel free to take my advice, but I can’t be held responsible for any worthless tickets at the end of the day. 1. Bandini Trained by Todd Pletcher, a former assistant trainer to the famous D. Wayne… Jo 05/06/05 1 05/06/05
The Kentucky Derby Line-up The draw was held at 5:00 EST, and here are the post positions, odds, trainer, and jockey for each contender: 1.  50-1 Sort It Out- Bob Baffert trains, Brice Blanc up 2.  50-1 Andromeda’s Hero- Nick Zito trains, Rafael Bejarano up 3.  15-1 Sun King- Nick Zito trains, Edgar Prado… Jo 05/04/05 2 05/05/05
Resurrection Song Readers, I Give You… ...your “hunch play” Emerald Downs - April 22th, 2005 - Race 2 horse= “Rezarection Time” Actually, I wouldn’t bet a first time starter myself, but that’s ok. Different strokes and all that. At any rate, I encourage you all to become borderline degenerate gamblers on the first Saturday in May.… Jo 04/21/05 8 04/21/05
Tartan Day 2005 Its a special day over at Absinthe and Cookies, and I figured could join in the fun. Here are the tartans of RS contributors Jo, ZombyBoy, and Remy, in that order. Incidentally, I think I got a skirt made out of ZB’s at Eddie Bauer. Hmmmm. Jo 04/06/05 4 04/06/05
Final Thoughts Somewhat long post on Pope John Paul II’s passing below...kept it in the extended text, because I know it has been talked about a lot here. Just a personal two cents for anyone interested. ************************ Jo 04/04/05 4 04/04/05
1962 paid me a visit this morning the form of a new-to-us-but-well-worn-by-somebody-else coffee machine! All hail the coffee-mat! Jo 03/30/05 0
Miss Jo’s Kentucky Derby Q & A Because the Kentucky Derby is only a matter of weeks away, and because it is an American sporting institution no less than the Super Bowl, it is time for me to provide you with an extremely basic primer. I consider it my duty as a horseman (or would that be… Jo 03/29/05 5 03/30/05
On Pontiac, Buick, and not wanting to say Goodbye The coffee is extremely bitter this morning. I don’t say that in a proverbial sort of way, truly, the coffee is terrible. We used to have one of those ancient coffee-mat type machines that you punched a button and it dropped a cup of the poison of your choosing. I… Jo 03/28/05 4 03/29/05
This One’s For the Ladies…and the Men…who Love Brawny The Brawny Man, I mean. Call it sick, call it twisted, call it gosh-darn funny, just don’t call it my fantasy, ok? Work-safe, but view at your own peril. Click here for some sweet Brawny action. Jo 03/18/05 2 03/18/05
Unfortunate Website Name Jo 03/17/05 5 03/18/05
A Sad St. Patrick’s Day It’s a sad St. Pat’s Day for the significant other and I, as tonight marks the last show for our favourite local band. So, “hand me down the bottle, rest it in my arms” and take a listen here to one of my favorites. We will miss them so! Many… Jo 03/17/05 0
The IRA, McCartney, and Kerry Jo 03/15/05 5 12/06/09
Let the Deconstruction of Jo Begin! You’re stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be? I think I would want to retreat into something fluffy...Random Acts of Kindness or a Chicken Soup for the Soul book (hey, just bein’ honest) Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Lt. Henry from… Jo 03/11/05 10 03/12/05
The Saddam Spam Conspiracy Jo 03/09/05 5 03/09/05