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August 31, 2004

RNC Commentary, Day 2 II

Arnold's praise of the United States--and a world free of the Soviet oppressors--brings applause, of course. But it's well-deserved applause.

Arnold often takes hits for being too liberal to be a true Republican--and I can be taken to task for that. His praise of free enterprise, low taxes, and a strong military definitely make him sound Republican to me.

In many ways, he's presenting a great face for the GOP tonight. A new, inclusive, friendly, popular, funny, patriotic face that speaks of diversity and vision.

I'm glad this one will be seen.

(Typed while listening--apologies for the dropped quotes and misspellings.)

"How do you know if you're a Republican? I'll tell you how. If you believe the goverment should be accountable to the people and not the people to the goverment, you are a Republican. If you believe that a person should be treated as an individual not an member of an interest group...If you believe that our educational system should be held accountable...If you believe that this country, not the United Nations, is the best hope for Democracy, then you are a Republican. And ladies and gentlemen, if you believe that we should be fierce and relentless and terminate terrorism, the you are a Republican!"

He is a great face for the GOP. In many ways I seem to have underestimated him--but much of what he's saying could be words that I would have said myself.

Posted by zombyboy at August 31, 2004 08:14 PM
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